Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests:
An important aspect of prostate cancer cells is its unique metabolic phenotype, which has become a new are of research exploration. However, comprehensive understating of the metabolic reprogramming in prostate cancer is not available. We have observed that pharmaceutical inhibitors such as (R)-9b affects prostate cancer cells metabolism, which contribute to attenuated growth of cancer cells. Surbhi is investigating re-structuring of metabolic networks in prostate cancer cells which impart them selective metabolic advantage over normal prostate cells and exploring reverting onco-metabolic alterations.

Another aspect she is examining is the how kinase-phosphatase interaction plays its role in prostate malignancy, especially role of this signaling nexus in epigenetic regulation of global transcription.

Selected Publications:

  1. Chouhan S, Sawant M, Weimholt C, Luo J, Sprung RW, Terrado M, Mueller DM, Earp HS and Mahajan NP*. ACK1/TNK2 Mediated Phosphorylation of ATP Synthase α-Subunit Selectively Augments Survival of Prostate Cancer While Engendering Mitochondrial Vulnerability. Autophagy. 2022
  2. Sridaran D, Chouhan S, Mahajan K, Rengarajan A, Bhagwat S, Reimers M, Kim E, Thakur M, Pachynski R, Seeliger M, Miller T, Feng F and Mahajan NP*. Parallel Host T Cell Reinvigoration and Augmentation of Leukocyte Attractant by Cancer Cell Upon ACK1 inhibition Overcomes Immune Resistance. 2022.
  3. Kumari R*, Chouhan S*, Singh S*, Chhipa R R, Ajay A K and Bhat MK. Constitutively activated ERK sensitizes cancer cells to doxorubicin: Involvement of p53-EGFR-ERK pathway. Journal of Bioscience, 42(1):31-41. 2017.

Surbhi Chouhan

M.Sc. Devi Ahilya University

PhD, Pune University


Phone: 314-273-7759