The lab theme is to determine how tyrosine kinases, phosphatases and nuclear receptors regulates epigenetic processes that affect cellular homeostasis, immune impairment and cancer cell survival. We employ:

ACK1 (TNK2): Immune modulator and oncogene in prostate, breast & lung cancer

WEE1: A novel epigenetic modulator & its significance in various malignancies

SHP2(PTPN11): Role in prostate cancer and LEOPARD syndrome

Androgen Receptor (AR): Role in castration resistant prostate cancer and immunity

Major findings of our lab include:

  • Discovered 4 new epigenetic events:
    • Y88-Phosphorylation of histone H4
    • Y37-Phosphorylation histone H2B
    • Y99-Phosphorylation of histone H3
  • Identified a novel lncRNA, NXTAR that regulates AR
  • Developed a new class of a small molecule inhibitor for ACK1, (R)-9b
  • Identified a novel WEE1 inhibitor
  • Identified AKT Tyr176-phosphorylation that causes AKT activation
  • Identified novel AR Lys609-acetylation
  • Identified a new class of KDM6 inhibitor
Mahajan K et al, J Cell Physiol. 224:327-333, 2010


These studies led to establishment of TechnoGenesys, Inc., focusing on ACK1 inhibitor as a new cancer drug.

Current Projects in Lab

  • Epigenetic signaling in dampening immune response to tumors
  • Characterization of novel WEE1 and KDM6 inhibitors
  • LncRNA NXTAR as AR regulator and therapeutic strategy

Graduate Student Opportunities

We are accepting graduate students from DBBS (Cancer Biology, Molecular Genetics & Genomics, Molecular Cell Biology, Human & statistical Genetics) and Dept of Biomedical Engineering. Contact:

Postdoctoral Opportunities

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Nupam Mahajan, PhD

Department of Surgery Faculty Profile

Professor of Surgery
Endowed Professor of Cancer Research
Director of Urological Research

Washington University, St Louis

Office: 314-273-7727 
Lab: 314-273-7759
Fax: 314-272-7771 

Funding Sources:

  • National Institute of Health (NIH)/NCI
  • Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
  • Bankhead-Coley Biomedical Research Program
  • Elsa U. Pardee Foundation
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)
  • Celgene – Committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide