Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests:

Engaged in the research project, Role of Histone H4 phosphorylation in breast and prostate cancer. Specifically, focusing in two major tasks: 1. To examine the mechanistic details of Histone H4 phosphorylation signaling nexus and its effect on innate immune modulation; 2. To evaluate therapeutic efficacy of combining tyrosine kinase inhibitors with immune checkpoint blockade in breast and prostate cancer preclinical animal models.

Selected Publications:
  1. Wang ZH, Ng HI, Teng CS, Ge ZC, et al. Outcomes of single-port gasless laparoscopic breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer: An observational study. Breast J. 2019 Apr 3.

Hai-Peng Li

MD, Department of Breast & Thyroid Surgery, Second Affiliated Hospital, Fujian Medical University

Quanzhou, China