Reseach Associate

Research Interests:
My broad research aim is to explore mechanisms maintaining cellular homeostasis and alterations that induce cancer development and progression. Presently, I am working on delineating the functional significance of retinoic acid signaling in cancer. In addition, I am also involved in identifying and characterizing novel epigenetic modifications that could serve as a platform for novel drug development.

Selected Publications:

  1. S. Yadav and J. Satija, “The Current State of the Art of Plasmonic Nanofibrous Mats as SERS Substrates: Design, Fabrication and Sensor Applications”, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2021,9, 267-282.
  2. S. Yadav and J. Satija, “Investigation on Shape Dependent Sensing Potential of Gold Nanoparticles for the Development of Multicolorimetric Plasmonic-ELISA” Nanoscale Adv., 2022,4, 3928-3939.

M.Sc., VIT, India

Ph.D., VIT, India



Phone: 314-273-7759